In 1965 Women’s Institutes throughout the country made scrapbooks illustrating the life of their village that year (the beautiful book made by the Riding Mill WI is kept in the county archive at Woodhorn). Several years later Marion Cooke decided to follow up the scrapbook by writing a book about the history of Riding Mill. After years of research, with no internet to help her in those days, she published her fascinating book in 1987. The exhibition in the Parish Hall in November 2018 for the weekend of Remembrance seemed to generate interest in the Riding Mill of years ago and it was thought that there would be many people who would like to have a copy of Marion’s book.

With the permission of her daughters we have had 200 copies of Riding Mill – A Village History reprinted. They will go on sale in the Cafe in the Foyer from Monday 21st October at a cost of £8 or contact Susan Law, 682397 or Mike Bridges, 682359. Any profits made will be used for future projects of the Regeneration Group.

Outdoor Recreation Survey

Our sports pavilion is a timber hut with no heating, no electricity, no wc’s, let alone any disabled facilities. It is home to 3 cricket teams and a Sunday morning football team, but could be so much more.

Before embarking on the refurbishment of the sports pavilion, the Parish Council are keen to find out your views on how we use the sports pavilion and what we might use it in future, for the benefit of the whole village.
We would be grateful if you could complete the survey below.  Remember to indicate how many members of your family participate, if relevant.

Audiology Services in Northumberland

At Healthwatch Northumberland we want to find out about people’s views and experiences of health and social care. We want to collect feedback from people, as well as raising awareness about who we are and what we do. We are an independent champion for the people of Northumberland, and share people’s views with service providers to create change and improvement.

As part of this we have regular events where we try to gather the views of the people of Northumberland. We are hosting one such event in Hexham on Thursday 19th September which I’ve included the details to below:

Event Name: Let’s Talk – Audiology Services, Hexham

Event Focus: We want to talk to people with hearing loss about their experiences of using audiology or hearing aid/s services. We are especially interested in hearing from people in the most rural and isolated areas of the county but everyone is welcome to feedback.

Event Location: Resource Room, Adapt (North East), Burn Lane, Hexham

Event Date: Thursday 19th September

Event Time: 13.00-14.30

I am emailing in the hope that you might be able to help to spread word of our event within your parish. If you know anyone who has experienced using any kind of hearing loss services who might like to feedback we would really appreciate you sharing this (attached) poster or information with them. We want to hear about all kinds of hearing loss services, including drop-in community services and audiology clinics, whether this involved hearing aid/s battery replacement or consultation.

We also appreciate that it might be difficult for some people to attend an event in the Hexham area. If people are interested in feeding back but are unable to attend they can get in touch with us in any of the following methods:

Write to:
Healthwatch Northumberland
Adapt (NE)
Burn Lane
NE46 3HN
Find us on google maps

Call: 03332 408468

Text: 07413 385275


Via our website:

Via another event:

I am also sharing with other contacts we have in the Tynedale community, so hopefully Healthwatch Northumberland will be able to gather people’s views across the county.

Thank you for any time taken to read this email or share this information.