Consultations – December 2014

Northumberland County Council is undertaking a number of consultations.  Details are given below:

Core Strategy Full Draft Plan.  This consultation will run from Friday 12th December 2014 to Wednesday 11th February 2015.

Click on the link below to view the full draft plan and supporting documents:


Budget 2015-2017

Click on the link below to obtain further details and access the questionnaire related to this consultation:


Pharmacy Needs Assessment

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Comments can be submitted directly to the County Council or to the Parish Council for forwarding.


Views please – Disabled ramp by the Parish Hall

The Parish Council is looking at plans for a ramp beside the steps between the Parish Hall and the play park to provide disabled and pram access to the single tennis court and the play park. Comments from villagers before the next PC meeting on 8th December would be welcome.

Click on the link below for a visualisation of the ramp.

141110 - Paper A Visualisation


Consultation on Northern and TransPennine express rail franchises

Response submitted as part of the consultation:
In consultation with other parish councillors, the comments of Riding Mill’s Parish Council are as follows:
  • The priority for Riding Mill is to have frequency and regularity of trains over upgrading of trains (although the last is important).
  • The more frequent the service, the more people will rely on it and use it. Fares going west from Riding Mill are high, discouraging use of that service. Reduction of fares might increase overall takings.
  • Trains will not be used if there is no suitable return train. The return service from Newcastle at weekends ends too early for it to be used for an evening event (2152 on Saturday and 2015 on Sunday).
  • Coordination of connections to other routes should be given greater consideration. For instance, coming from Scotland the last train from Edinburgh to Newcastle is 2100 arriving at 2244 after the last weekday train from Newcastle to Hexham at 2235.
  • Opening of Gilsland station should be a high priority to give direct train access to Hadrian’s Wall at a very attractive point.

Malcolm Reid, Chairman, Broomhaugh and Riding Parish Council

Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – Notice of site assessment consultation

The County Council is consulting on draft site assessments which have been prepared as part of the update to the Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

In order to boost significantly the supply of housing, the National Planning Policy Framework requires local planning authorities to prepare a SHLAA. The SHLAA:

  •  Identifies sites with potential for housing;
  • Assesses how many dwellings may be accommodated on a site with potential for housing development; and
  • Assesses when sites are likely to be developed.

It is important to stress that the SHLAA is not a policy document. It does not allocate sites for residential use or indicate whether they will be granted planning permission.  It is part of the evidence base for the emerging Northumberland Local Plan.

Anyone can submit a site into the SHLAA.  Sites included within the SHLAA are assessed in line with the Northumberland SHLAA methodology which is based on national guidance. This assesses whether sites are suitable, available and achievable, and is quite distinct from the process by which planning applications are determined.

Since the first Northumberland SHLAA was published in May 2012, additional sites have been put forward for consideration. Draft site assessments have been prepared for the new sites submitted and in addition, reassessments have taken place on sites within Northumberland’s larger settlements.  The draft assessments have been informed by comments from a range of consultees.

The County Council is inviting the submission of new and additional information in relation to the sites. This may relate to constraints which affect a site’s suitability, its availability for housing development or additional costs which may affect the viability of developing a site.

You can access information about the SHLAA, the site assessments and the consultation exercise at A response form for submitting comments may also be downloaded there.

The consultation runs from Wednesday 20 August to Wednesday 24 September 2014.



Home to School transport consultations

Northumberland County Council has begun two consultations on the following issues

1)      Proposed changes intended to remove an inconsistency between “two-tier” and “three-tier” schools in the way eligibility for free school transport is determined from the start of the academic year 2014/15;

2)      Proposed changes to the policy on transport to schools that have been chosen for reasons of religion or belief from the start of the academic year 2015/16 onwards.


The above consultations are in addition to the ongoing consultation on proposals for Post-16 transport provision which closes on 19 May 2014.

The consultations on  walking distance eligibility and transport to schools for reasons of religion or belief are open until 10 June 2014; the link provided below will take you to the Home to School Transport page on the Council’s website, where you can download the relevant consultation documents which provide further information and reasons for the consultation.   A link to the web-based questionnaires is  also provided within the Consultation Documents and on the Home to School Transport Page itself.

Consultation on Post-16 Transport in Northumberland

The Parish Council has been asked to comment on significant changes to some of the discretionary elements of the Northumberland Home to School Transport Policy.

A copy of the proposals can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Consultation on Post-16 Transport v006 Revised

If you have any comments please get in touch with the Parish Council by using the contact form.  We would like to hear from as many residents as possible before replying to the County Council.  Any comments must be received by 1st May

Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy

The Council has recently been asked to comment on the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy.

Consultation begins Thursday 31st October until Thursday 2nd January 2014.

NCC have arranged a number of local drop-in events where you can find out more information.

Thursday 7th November                      Prudhoe (Spetchells Centre, Front Street)

Tuesday 19th November                      Hexham (Prospect House, Hallgate)

Thursday 21st November                     Ponteland (Memorial Hall)

Thursday 28th November                    Haltwhistle (Library, Westgate)

Each event will comprise of an exhibition from 3-6pm followed by a discussion session between 6.30-8.30pm

All of the consultation documents are available to view on the NCC website: or by clicking on the links below.  Paper copies can be requested from NCC.

If you have issues which you want to raise with the Parish Council regarding the Local Plan Core Strategy please contact Councillor Dunhill.

01 Brief Guide to the Core Strategy Preferred Options Stage 2 Consultation October 2013

02 Core Strategy Preferred Options Stage 2 Consultation Document October 2013

03 Core Strategy Preferred Options Stage 2 Response Form October 2013

04 Interim Sustainability Appraisal – Core Strategy Preferred Options Stage 2 October 2013

05 Habitats Regulations Assessment – Core Strategy Preferred Options October 2013

06 Viability Assessment Consultation Paper – October 2013

07 Draft Revised Statement of Community Involvement October 2013

08 Delivery Document – Scoping Document – October 2013