Fold House, Church Lane, Riding Mill

Some people in the village have now received correspondence relating to a consultation for the proposed new ‘country house’ on the edge of the village south of Church Lane & Long Rigg. The planning consultants, Cundall Johnson, “have tried to focus the letter drop towards the residents around Church Lane and those that may be able to view the site from their properties although due to the topography of the site we expect those able to view the dwelling itself will be limited.” A copy of the letter has been placed on the Parish Hall notice board in the village.

This online consultation, in lieu of a face to face meeting due to Covid 19, is to provide feedback from the village in order to provide a Statement of Community Involvement which will be included in the planning application. All residents are encouraged to comment on the online feedback form on

Should any resident wish to comment and not have access to the internet the planning consultant’s details (Cundall Johnson) are on the Parish Hall noticeboard and they will provide paper copies on request.

In order to be able to provide an informed comment, please note that planning permission for a single dwelling within the green belt can be granted but only if it complies with the conditions of paragraph 79 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). as follows:

“Planning policies and decisions should avoid the development of isolated homes in the countryside unless one or more of the following circumstances apply:

  1. a)  there is an essential need for a rural worker, including those taking majority control of a farm business, to live permanently at or near their place of work in the countryside;
  2. b)  the development would represent the optimal viable use of a heritage asset or would be appropriate enabling development to secure the future of heritage assets;
  3. c)  the development would re-use redundant or disused buildings and enhance its immediate setting;
  4. d)  the development would involve the subdivision of an existing residential dwelling; or
  5. e)  the design is of exceptional quality, in that it:

–  is truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture, and would help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas; and

–  would significantly enhance its immediate setting, and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.”

Comments at this stage are for the designers and their consultants. Planning permission has not yet been applied for. When it has, comments should be made on the NCC web site.

The Parish Council (PC) has no powers to approve or otherwise the planning application when it is made. The PC is only able to make informed comments in the same manner as individuals.


Broomhaugh and Riding Parish Council

9th April 2020


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