Local Transport Priorities

The Council is again asked to submit three local transport priorities to the County Council.

Last year the Council submitted the following ideas :

Safety concerns at Slaley Road junction / narrow pavements etc
NCC response – analysis of accident data shows that there has been one slight accident at this junction.  It will be monitored, however, and action taken if appropriate.
Safety concerns re speeding vehicles A68 Kiln Pit Hill to A695.
NCC response – this section of road will be considered for small-scale safety improvements.  the level of accidents does not currently justify significant interventions.
Lack of footway outside St James Terrace
NCC response – included in the draft 2016-17 programme
Ideas for this year include:
Resurfacing the pavement along the main road/ widening in places if possible
Installation of a footpath from Farnley to the west end of the village
A pedestrian crossing
Junction improvements at the turning to Slaley Road
The Parish Council will consider all suggestions at its meeting on Monday 14th September.  If you have any additional ideas please contact the Clerk.