Meeting of the Parish Council – Monday 8th September

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 8th September in the Parish Hall.

For a copy of the agenda please see below:



The next meeting of the above Council will be held in the Supper Room of the Parish Hall on Monday 8th September 2014 at 7.45pm.

Cllr Dale will be available from 7.15pm and members of the public may put questions to the Council from 7.30-7.45pm


1.         Apologies for Absence


  1. Declaration of Interests

To receive: disclosures of personal and prejudicial interests from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting.


  1. Minutes

To resolve: that the minutes of the Council meeting held on 14th July be signed as a correct record.


  1. Matters Arising

To report: on matters arising from the previous Minutes excluding those included in this agenda.

  • Minute 4(ii) – A694 Road bridge over the railway: removal of wall
  • Minute 4(vi) – Grass cutting
  • Minute 4(viii) – Planters at the station
  • Minute 6 – Speed Activated sings
  • Minute 8 – Hedging by single tennis court
  • Minute 9 – Play Park / Reinstatement of Football pitch
  • Minute 16(v) – Quote to improve access to the bridge leading to the double tennis courts
  • Minute 16(vi) – Tennis Club lease


  1. Lighting of the footpath from Broomhaugh to the Station

To note: that NCC have submitted a quote to install one light on the above path.


To resolve:

  • To amend Standing Orders in respect of the number of quotations required as NCC oversee street lighting for the Parish and maintain the path and it would be most appropriate if they complete the work.
  • To appointment contractors.



  1. Wheelchair access by Parish Hall leading to the Play Park and Tennis Court

            To review: current progress on this matter.


  1. Cricket Club

(i)         Grass cutting   

To report: that a request was received after the last PC meeting to make an early part contribution towards payment for this year’s grass cutting which was approved;

(ii)        Damage to the Cricket Pavilion

To report: that windows in the Cricket Pavilion have been broken on two recent occasions.  The first occasion the Cricket Club paid for the repairs themselves.  The Cricket Club is requesting that the PC pay for the second repair.


To consider: whether to pay for the repairs and also what further action should be taken to prevent such incidents occurring again.


  1. Japanese Knotweed / Himalayan Balsam

To consider: letters received from residents regarding this problem.


  1. Road safety issues – The Nick/Slaley Road junction (BC)


  1. Local Transport Priorities

To agree: on three local transport priorities to submit to the County Council.


  1. Consultations

To report: that the PC has been asked to report on the following consultations (full details available on the website):

  • NCC – Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
  • Tyne Valley Line


  1. Paths and Parishes Initiative


  1. Local Flood Risk Strategy


  1. Improvements to the path connecting the station to Corner House, Broomhaugh (JM)


  1. Domestic Thermal Imaging

To consider: a suggestion made by a resident to hire a thermal imaging camera which can be borrowed by residents to assess the energy efficiency of their home.


  1. Finance
  2. a) Annual Accounts

To report: that the external auditor has approved the Annual Accounts for 2013/14.  Details are displayed on the notice board.


  1. b) Monthly expenditure

To receive for approval:

(i)         a summary of payments for authorisation and the bank reconciliation;

(ii)        an overall review of current budget spending.


  1. Handyman – August/September reports


  1. Planning

To report

  • that the following planning applications are under consideration by NCC:

14/02287/FUL – Westwood, Marchburn Lane – PC: no objections;

14/02310/FUL – Alnmouth Cottage, Sandy Bank – PC: queried building line.


  • that the following planning applications have been considered by NCC and granted permission:

13/03133/FUL Replacement of bridge deck and parapets, Underwood Road


  • that the following planning applications have been considered by NCC and refused permission:

14/02410/FUL   Hopton House, Riding Hills


  1. Meetings requiring councillor representation

Joint NCC & Town and Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 14th October, Hexham

NALC AGM – Saturday 18th October


  1. Correspondence

To consider: any correspondence issues not covered elsewhere on the agenda.


  1. Minor Matters


22:       Date of Future Meeting           

To resolve: that the next meeting of the Council should be held on Monday 10th November 2014.





Correspondence received from residents since the July meeting:


Mr D Irwin re Japanese Knotweed/Himalayan Balsam

Mr D Henderson re Japanese Knotweed

Mr G Davison re hedging by single tennis court

Dr J Young re Conduct of Parish Council

Mr B Young re response to FOI requests



Consultation Documents


See agenda item 11






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