Parish Council Minutes April 2008

You can download a copy of these minutes here (PDF file).

Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th April 2008 in the Supper room of the Parish Hall at 7.45pm

Present: Councillors Horton, Heslop, Mills, Tulip and Reid. Also present were County Councillor Thompson, 8 members of the public and one member of the Press.

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Nitsch, Dunhill, Williams and Cllr Latham.

2. It was noted that Cllr Howey had tendered her resignation owing to a change of location. Cllr Horton formally noted her hard work on behalf of the Parish Council. There were two members of the public interested in taking the one place and the Clerk would check the best procedure with Tynedale election office.

3. (Item 8b):NCC: Closure of Dipton Foot Bridge road from Slaley to Riding Mill: Cllr Thompson asked that this item be taken early. It was noted that the County propose to shut the above road for some 10 weeks to upgrade the bridge to 40 tonnes. They were asking for any specific points that should be noted which Cllr Thompson would respond to County Hall. The Clerk had also received a copy of the letter and would respond similarly. The usage of the road during the County Show season was highlighted, in particular, the Slaley Show in August. It was also suggested that the main homeowners and farms along the route be informed individually of the proposal.

4. Minutes: The minutes were agreed as a true record.

5. Matters arising
a) Millfield Road update: Cllr Tulip reported on the meeting held with Tynedale Council ( Mr Larry Dawson) with the document recommending the conversion of the loan to a grant. Not much encouragement was given at the time but Cllr Tulip raised the possibility of handing over an addendum which the delegation believed was important. Since he had missed much of the preparation time this was agreed. The Addendum concerned the 1981 Meadow Park application which resulted in Church Lane being connected to Millfield Road and whether, prior to the application, approval was sought and obtained from the frontagers of Millfield Road given they were responsible for the road surface maintenance at that time. This had a huge bearing in the traffic on the road then and even more so now. Since the addendum was sent in we are led to believe that Tynedale Council are seeking a legal opinion on the matter. Cllr Reid reported a conversation with Dick Fraser concerning the siting of turning circles if the lesser option is undertaken. The specifications about the size of the circles are being sent by Dick Fraser to Cllr Reid. In principle, the County would be happy with such an action but this option was put into abeyance until a response from Tynedale Council had been received.
b) Pedestrian Crossing: It was unclear whether the traffic census had been carried out yet. Cllr Thompson agreed to chase this up.
c) Trees at the Wellington: According to Cllr Nitsch these have now been cut back.
d) Tree at Pack Horse Bridge: although action had been taken by the PCC regarding some of the trees, the one that was leaning over the bridge is still of concern and a couple of informal assessments by tree surgeons have suggested the tree is dead. If it falls, it could damage the bridge seriously. The Clerk would write to ask the PCC to review their policy on this matter and to check on their liability insurance.
e) VHT Development fund: The Parish Council concerns had been noted to the Village Hall Trust, They have been taken on board and will be pursued by the Trust with the Diocese once the current Planning Application for the first stage of work has been approved. Thanks were particularly noted to Cllr Thompson at this point as it was made known that he had been able to find – £9000 towards the costs of the disabled toilets and access.
f) Belonging Communities: the Clerk, as well as Cllr Dunhill, had been at one of the meetings organised by Tynedale Council which were being held to debate the structure of the forum which would be the link between the Belonging Community and the Area Committees. Discussion was somewhat nebulous as no one could answer specific questions about who would be responsible for what. The findings were to be summarised and act as the basis of further consultations after the County elections.
g) Annual Parish Meeting: This had been agreed to be held on the 22nd May in the Parish Hall. As some of the Councillors could not make this date, it was agreed to see if the CE-Electric representatives could make the 15th May instead as it was known the hall was available then.

6. Resolutions: The following three resolutions were presented against the Clerk’s advice.

Res.1: That no member of the Parish Council (PC) shall do or say anything on behalf of the PC without the prior agreement of the PC duly minuted. Proposed by Cllr Reid and seconded by Cllr Mills. Cllr Horton felt this was largely unworkable as there were often times when the Chairman or the Clerk had to make responses to outside bodies, such as the Press. This is a procedural matter covered by most practical advice to Councils as was the Code of Conduct to Councillors but Cllr Reid felt it was important to show public solidarity. Cllr Tulip suggested the other Councillors wait until they have had their training sessions which would explain procedures better. However, it was felt that there was no harm in the motion and it was carried by 3 votes.

Res.2: It shall be a condition of any application for financial or other support from the PC that the body making the application provide information on its aims, membership, Parish membership, constitution, approved accounts, arrangements for maintenance of its facilities and such matters as he PC shall consider to be relevant.full. The PC may waive these requirements for what it deems minor matters. Proposed by Cllr Reid and seconded by Cllr Mills. It was pointed out that these requirements already exist within the financial requirements and the resolution was carried.

Res. 3: The PC shall inform the Parish on the Parish notice boards and in the Paris news of the principles it has adopted in relation to the benefits of the covenants accruing from the land held by the PC. Proposed by Cllr Mills and seconded by Cllr Reid. The Policy had been distributed two years ago to covenant holders only and was available on request to anyone else. It was currently undergoing review pending the outcome of an Audit commission enquiry. Cllr Tulip suggested awaiting that outcome before deciding on detailed actions. This was agreed

7. Tennis Club: Clls Reid and Tulip and the Clerk attended a meeting arranged by the Tennis Club to discuss the detail of their proposals. Representatives were there from the Tennis Club, the Cricket Club, Tynedale Leisure, the Engineering Business and the Architects. Mr. Morill rehearsed the reasons for requesting the move of the Tennis Club. The architects went through the detailed plans they had drawn up pointing out in particular, possible access points on the site and possible layouts of the tennis courts, the 5-a –side courts and a new joint clubhouse and parking. Total costs were estimated at about – £750,000 which could be obtained from the main Sports Funding bodies, even allowing for match funding (which would be acceptable as coming from other funding sources). Mr Morill stated that the proposal did not require any funding from the Parish Council. In principle the organisations at the meeting approved the outlines presented. The Tennis Club would organise a public meeting to discuss the issues and they would start talking to the funding bodies with Tynedale’s help. Cllr Heslop expressed some concerns related to him by some of the people in the village. It was also noted that the Tennis Club would talk to the Dickinson family about the proposals.

8. Bus Shelter: A quote had been received for a stone bus shelter to be built by the Northumberland Training Agency. The figure of – £3365 plus VAT was only a little higher than for the last shelter. Councillors agreed to accept the quote. It was noted that siting of the shelter would require a little thought. The shelter could be paid for out of the deposit account and repaid from the current account over a number of years. The details of the repayment can be considered at the next budget meeting.

9. Correspondence:
a) General – for circulation. Cllr Reid asked that some method be sorted out to select items which might need special attention. Cllr Tulip volunteered to go through the general correspondence file to do this.
b) See above
c) Permission
was requested by the VHT to place some stalls on the Play Park area for the Village day in June. This was agreed.
d) Sandy Bank: Mr Daffern briefly asked for the Parish Council’s support in objecting to a possible decision by the County Council to turn the Nick into a BOAT. This was agreed.

10. Finance:
a) The financial statement and receipts were accepted by all Councillors for February and for March. b) The following payments were authorised by all councillors:- For February:

M F Anderton/Salary/Feb 370.69
M F Anderton/Expenses/Feb – £112.83
Northumbria water – £20.01

For March:

M F Anderton/Salary/Mar – £370.69
M F Anderton/Expenses/Mar – £63.94
J Harding/trees – £94.00
Carter Bus. Systems – £17.80
Viking – £107.07

11. Minor matters: Cllr Reid asked that the Estate Agents be informed their board at the end of Broomhaugh was on public land and should not be there.

The meeting closed at 9.30