Parish Council Minutes November 2008

You can download a copy of these minutes here (PDF file).

Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th November 2008 in the Supper room of the Parish Hall at 7.45pm.

Present: Councillors Tulip, Williams, Mills, Reid, Eakins, Dunhill and Stephenson. Also present were County Councillor Dale, District Councillor Latham (for part of meeting), 3 members of the public and one member of the Press.

1. Apologies were received from Cllr Heslop.

2. Minutes of last meeting: The minutes were agreed as a true record.

3. Matters arising: Formal thanks were noted to Cllr Heslop in particular and the other Councillors who attended the Remembrance Day service.

It was noted the No – Smoking signs had been purchased for the bus shelters and needed putting up in all four bus shelters.
Cllr Mills noted that some resurfacing work had been done on the road bridge in South Broomhaugh but only on one side.
Cllr Dale has got agreement to provide an additional lamp on the footpath from Broomhaugh to the station. When the Council are ready to site it, she needs a short meeting with 2/3 Councillors, including Cllr Heslop who raised the matter originally.
In response to a query from Cllr Reid, Cllr Dale said that a trial was under way in Tynedale to recycle business waste.
Cllr Reid congratulated Mr Rowntree and the Courant on the display about the station bridges.
Cllr Stephenson had talked to 10 householders affected by the recent floods and Councillors had assisted one elderly resident with cleaning out a garage that had been flooded.

4. Covenants: Recent letters from members of the public, copies of which are in the correspondence file, continued to query the recent releases of covenants for two householders in the village. Cllr Tulip read out a statement about these which is reproduced, verbatim, below:
“The Council is in due course to embark on reviewing the current ‘covenant policy Statement’. The recent releasing of covenants relating to extensions to two properties has been discussed at the last two council meetings, yet individuals still appear to be misinterpreting the situation. One resident undertook the release of their covenant on their own, the other asked if we the Council would assist. We agreed. On completion, the resident sent a cheque to the Parish Council to cover the legal costs. This amount was then paid to the solicitors.
This action involved no voluntary contribution to the Council and no fee to the Council. The financial statement shows both transactions.”

Cllr Stephenson declared an interest and queried whether the names of the properties/ homeowners could not be released into the public domain. It was understood this contradicted parts of the Freedom of Information Act. Cllr Dale suggested clarifying further with Mr Pointer, Tynedale Council’s principal solicitor.

Village Green: Following letters again complaining that no suitable explanation had been given in response to a query about the Village Green application, the Chairman again read out a statement, reproduced below, verbatim: “Earlier this year some village residents made an application to the County Council to have the amenity land off Millfield Road ( including the two tennis courts) to be designated as a Village Green. The land is owned by the Parish Council but the applicants made no prior contact with the Council.

In our response to the County the Council supported the application with two reservations. We wish to protect the rights of the Tennis Club and secondly to exclude the area of land between the road and the Marchburn.

The reason for the latter was that the area could potentially provide for any vehicular turning head should Millfield Road proceed to adoption.

In subsequent informal discussion with the applicants it emerged that they wished this area to be used for car parking. We pointed out that parking is not permitted on any land designated as a Village Green.

We would wish to further state that this Council will not seek to sell any amenity land in the ownership of the Council.

We hope this clarifies the Council’s position.”

Cllr Stephenson asked for clarification about parking in the Village green application and was told that parking cannot be allowed on a village green. Cllr Reid commented that it was unfortunate that prior consultation with the Parish Council had not taken place as the fact that the pavilion is normally locked and that notices have asked people to keep off the knotweed area meant that their inclusion could invalidate the application. It was reiterated that once the application was under way, it would have to run its course.

5. Planning:
2008/0383 Refurbishment of power lines Consent granted
2008/0847 Extension at 4 Oaklands Conditional permission
08/00106/TPO Partial crown reduction at rear of 4 Oaklands: consent given.

6. Correspondence: a) General. Cllr Tulip pointed out that copies of correspondence relating to Agenda items would be circulated in the correspondence file for Councillors to read. If they had arrived electronically, they would be circulated in this way.

7. Finance:
a) The financial statement and receipts were accepted by all Councillors.
b) The following payments were authorised by all councillors:-

MF Anderton / Salary October – £391.00
MF Anderton / Expenses October – £80.34
MF Anderton / back pay – £53.22
Viking – £62.30
CWC/knotweed – £176.25
Wardhadaway – £1,175.00
NALC – £21.00
Greenhams (mirrors) – £291.45
Royal British legion – £40.00

c) Budget: Copies of last year’s budget was circulated to Councillors for their input. Cllr Tulip suggested that an informal meeting of some of the Councillors, particularly those who have not been through the budgeting process before, take place to understand where certain issues fit. The final budget can be discussed and the precept approved at the next Parish Council meeting.

8. Minor matters: There was some discussion about the new Localities and the Charter which are under consultation at present. It was felt that the Parish Council need to be careful as to which grouping/locality it finally puts itself. If Parish Councils are to take on services then finance must also be included in any arrangement.

The trees behind the Wellington were mentioned again. Cllr Dale agreed to try and find out who actually owned that land, whether it was Network Rail as we understand it to be. The Clerk will forward a map for her.

In response to a query, Cllr Dale stated that the ‘windfall’ from Tynedale, earmarked towards costs of the bus shelter, was still available.

Cllr Eakins wanted to follow up the No – smoking in other areas out of the parish. It was felt that this was not a problem for the Parish Council. He also volunteered to help bring parts of the website up to date by contacting organisations in the village. He would liaise with the Clerk and the Webmaster.

Cllr Dale raised the matter of school travel plans which had funding attached. It was felt that there was already a plan for Broomhaugh School, but Cllr Reid agreed to talk with the Head Teacher, Ms Jen Stephenson.

The meeting closed at 8.55.