The Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to independent examination

The County Council has issued the following statement on its website:  see below or follow the link

Publicity of submission draft Plan
Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council, as the qualifying body for the purposes of neighbourhood planning for the Broomhaugh & Riding Neighbourhood Area, has submitted the Broomhaugh & Riding Neighbourhood Plan to Northumberland County Council for Independent Examination.

The County Council is satisfied that the submission is complete and complies with legal requirements. The Plan will now proceed to independent examination.

In accordance with the regulations, the County Council is required to publicise the plan and supporting documents and to invite comments. Copies of the Plan and supporting documents will be available for public inspection for six weeks commencing Thursday 13 April 2023 and ending at 5pm on Wednesday 31 May 2023.

Any person or organisation may comment on the Plan or supporting documents. Representations may be made by email to . The Plan and supporting documents can be found below:

The following evidence base documents are also being made available: