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Update January 2021

Two useful websites to explore about local energy generation:


Update May 2020:

Climate Change in Green Riding Mill

The necessarily postponed Annual Meeting of the Parish Council planned for 14th May was earmarked as the ideal opportunity to review progress since our village open meeting in the autumn of 2019.

A lot of people responded to the initiative and some excellent suggestions were made – and circulated -to the group members.

Briefly, commitments were made to look closely at three key areas:

  1. Sustainable transport
  2. Green energy sources
  3. Carbon capture measures

Our overriding principle remains as:  think global, act local.

Presentations to the Annual Meeting were in preparation from the Village Halls Trust, St James’s Church, the Parish Council and Broomhaugh First School.  These will doubtless be presented in due course, once we are able to hold the meeting.

The coronavirus crisis, whilst requiring a hold on our plans to meet, has nevertheless engendered some interesting discussion points.

Although it is clear that this worldwide pandemic is top priority for the moment, the climate crisis has not gone away. Whilst Greta Thunberg may be in lockdown, the ice caps are continuing to melt.

Despite the marked improvement in the quality of our atmosphere when cars were absent from our roads and the skies devoid of aircraft, we are now heading back to ‘the new normality’, which clearly encompasses what will doubtless become the same old traffic choking up our roads and our lungs. Whether we will as a nation and a world learn to appreciate and even replicate the positives which have emerged from the pandemic and apply them to the climate change crisis remains to be seen.

What we in Riding Mill can do, in tandem with like-minded people across the globe,  is hold on to what has been shown to be possible in terms of protecting our planet through global action and do what we can to encourage the decision makers to do what is difficult, painful but undoubtedly right. This means acting locally, in whatever way we can, but thinking globally and holding our politicians to account.

It is important simply to keep the dialogue open……..