Parish Council Meeting – Monday 12th July 2021

It has been agreed to hold a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 12th July 2021 at 7.45 p.m.

This meeting will be a hybrid meeting.  Councillors have the choice of attending in person at the Parish Hall, Millfield Road or online via Zoom.  Due to the need for social distancing, 15 residents can observe the meeting in person by booking a place with the Clerk ( or alternatively residents may observe the meeting via Zoom (please note: the sound quality of the Zoom meeting can be poor in the hall).

For a copy of the agenda, please click here.  The agenda displays the link to the Zoom meeting or alternatively, if you contact the Clerk, she will email the link.  To view a copy of the draft Minutes from the meeting held 10th May 2021, please click here.  Supporting documents can be found below.

Questions to the Council will be taken from 7.30 – 7.45 pm.  It attending via Zoom it would be helpful to receive any questions in advance in case of technical difficulties.  Please therefore email any questions to the Clerk by 12 noon on Monday 12th July.

Paper B

Paper C

Right to inspect the Accounting Records for 2020/21

The Parish Council has submitted its annual return to the external auditor, PKF Littlejohn LLP. Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records for 2020/21.  A notice explaining these rights can be found here. Additionally, the unaudited annual governance and accountability return which has been submitted to the auditor can be found here.  Please note: the accounting statements as published may be subject to change.

Himalayan Balsam – Wednesday 30th June


It’s time to beat the balsam!

Himalayan balsam is an invasive non-native species which dominates riverbanks, reduces biodiversity and worsens erosion.

Tyne Rivers Trust would love to work with local residents to clear the Himalayan balsam along the Riding Mill burns. This is really easy to do as the plants has such short roots and it’s a great way to spend a few hours outside, improving habitats and meeting other local residents.

Tyne Rivers Trust is the only environmental charity dedicated to improving the River Tyne and its tributaries. The work that we do is vital to tackle the effects of climate change and support the wildlife and landscape of the Tyne rivers. We want a better river, a better region and a better life for all. Volunteering is a great way to spend time outdoors, meet new people and is vital to help us improve habitat and make the river a better place to be.

Volunteering with TRT can range from informal monitoring of rivers and streams to practical conservation tasks such as litter picking, tree planting and invasive species control.

Join us on Wednesday 30th June to learn about this alien invader and spend a couple of hours pulling it out.

If you’d be interested in getting involved, TRT would love to hear from you and can share more information – get in touch with their Volunteer Coordinator, Jenny Elliott, for more information –



Parish Council Meeting – Monday 10th May

The next meeting of Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council will be held on Monday 10th May at 7.45 pm or on completion of the annual Parish Meeting, whichever is the later.

This meeting will be held on Zoom – to attend, please click on the link below:

Meeting ID: 845 1729 9883  /  Passcode: 916023

It is possible to join via phone – please use one of the following numbers and the meeting ID and passcode above:

0208 080 6592 /  0330 088 5830  /  0203 481 5237

To be sent the link to the meeting please contact the Clerk: / 682348

The agenda for the meeting can be found here: agenda.

The draft minutes from the previous meeting, can be found here: draft minutes.

Annual Parish Meeting – Monday 10th May




 To be held on Monday 10th May at 7.15 pm via Zoom

Please join the meeting by using the following link:

Meeting ID: 845 1729 9883  /  Passcode: 916023

It is possible to join via phone – please use one of the following numbers

and the meeting ID and passcode above:

0208 080 6592 / 0330 088 5830 / 0203 481 5237

To be sent the link to the meeting please contact the Clerk: / 682348



1.Welcome and apologies

2. Minutes of 2019 meeting – to approve

3. To receive the following reports for 2020/21:

4. Draft Financial Statement – for information only

5. Any other business

If residents which to raise any queries or concerns at the meeting please notify the Clerk in advance


Cllr. Christine Howe, Chair, Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council

30th April 2021


  • No annual Parish Meeting was held in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.

Results of Parish Survey

Thank you to all those who participated in the village survey. We achieved a response rate of 54 per cent which is a fantastic response.  These responses have been collated and interpreted to produce a report.  To view a copy of the report please click here.

The next step is to create working groups looking in more depth at six areas of housing & the built environment, the natural environment, climate change & renewable energy, local economy, transport & streetscape and leisure & recreation. A large number of people volunteered to be part of the next stage and we will be getting in touch with these residents shortly.

CLARIFICATION:  There are no agreed areas for Housing within Riding Mill in either parish council or Northumberland County Council plans and comments in the report are individual opinions expressed by residents and are not policy of the parish council or the County Council.