Neighbourhood Plan

May 2022 Update

The Parish Council is currently finalising the pre-submission draft neighbourhood plan.  The current draft is undergoing strategic environmental impact and habitats regulations assessment screening.  During this time, we are inviting comments on the current draft of the plan and its evidence base.  There will be a further, formal consultation in the coming months where the local community and other consultees will be asked for comments.  In order to inform the preparation of the final draft plan, we require your comments by the 12th of June.

There are three documents to review, please click on the links below:

Draft Plan







Housing Background Paper.

Local Green Space Background Paper

Allocating sites for development – a possible site at Broomhaugh

At the annual Parish Meeting, Mark Ketley of Bradley Hall Planning and Design, gave an overview of a possible development at Broomhaugh.  The proposals are at the conceptual stage and simply give an idea of what could be achieved with the land.

To view a copy of his presentation, please click here.


December 2021 Update

Consultation: Thank you to everyone who took part in our community consultation.  To view a summary of the comments received, please click here.

Housing Needs Assessment: For a copy of the document, please click here.

November 2021 Update – Community Consultation

We are making good progress with ideas for the neighbourhood plan. Six working groups have been meeting and want to share their work so far. An open day was held on Saturday 13 November with large posters. All the posters are available here as downloadable PDFs. If you would like to comment, please email ( or use the ‘contact us’ form on the website. It would be enormously helpful if you could provide your comments by 12 December.































Thank you to all those who participated in the village survey. We achieved a response rate of 54 per cent which is a fantastic response.  These responses have been collated and interpreted to produce a report.  To view a copy of the report please click here.

The next step is to create working groups looking in more depth at six areas of housing & the built environment, the natural environment, climate change & renewable energy, local economy, transport & streetscape and leisure & recreation. A large number of people volunteered to be part of the next stage and we will be getting in touch with these residents shortly.