Armistice Commemoration Weekend

The Parish Council would like to thank all those residents who ensured that Riding Mill offered a fitting tribute to those who died in the First World War.  The village looked spectacular – the poppy displays, the information boards, the silent soldiers, the exhibitions, the community bell ringing – all contributed to the occasion and honoured the memory of the men who died.

The numbers attending the Remembrance Service and rededication ceremony were exceptional and the efforts made really showed our village and community at its best.


Below is a selection of photos from the weekend together with a copy of the Order of Service from the rededication ceremony.

Rededication Ceremony


Remembrance Day Remembered

by John Mole

For the sake of men we never knew

We trooped into the hall

Where their names in golden letters

Were written on the wall

Somebody sounded a bugle

And ghosts seemed everywhere

Until the last note softly fell

On the suddenly empty air.

Then the world filled up with living

In its own accustomed way.

With the usual busy traffic

Of the usual busy day.

But what I most remember

And know that I always will

Is how we stood utterly silent

And absolutely still.