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There should be announcements shortly in the press about a more detailed timetable for the rollout. The tentative plan for Riding Mill is for us to get it between June and September this year.  Everyone currently has a direct line to the exchange so the plan will be to just directly upgrade that exchange. The default will be for everyone to get access to FTTC with faster FTTP  potentially available on demand to individuals to wanted to invest in that.  If there was a whole group of people  living close together wanting FTTP then potentially costs would be lower as the engineers would only need to dig a trench once [FTTP  has cable all the way to the home,  whereas FTTC  uses the existing copper cable from the exchange].





The core village should be covered in this initial rollout, around 380 properties. The outlying houses  may still  get a speed bump,  even if not reaching superfast speeds, by virtue of the exchange being upgraded (the signal degrades the longer the copper wire is).  There may be subsequent specific solutions for the further away properties, but this will be dependent on the exact geography and money left in the pot.  For example it is likely that the main cable route will run parallel with the A68,  so it will be easier to put a break in and feed properties close to the A68.  For Slaley road  properties things should be clearer when the engineers look at what existing cabling and ducting there is.

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