The Ross Seat – and the bees (Updated).

From John Ross, Cumnor, Oxford

The Ross seat on the Broomley Road, near the A68.

My brother and I set up this seat as a small token around 20 years ago shortly after our parents, Ronald and Peggy Ross of Staward, Long Rigg, died. Since then we have made fairly regular visits to do some maintenance and clearing of undergrowth and we have appreciated the thanks of those who have made use of the seat.

During my visits from Oxford in the past few years in we have had some (unwelcome !) attention as there are now half a dozen beehives just to the north of the seat and I have been stung on a couple of occasions. Maybe other residents have also been bothered by the bees and I suggest there are two options.

  • Option A is to move the seat about 100 yards along the road towards Broomley, to face in much the same direction. It would be a little more exposed here as there are no protecting trees from the westerly wind.
  • Option B is to move the seat about 50 yards to the west, as far as the road goes, before the cutting to the A68. While the seat would be just as welcome, there is not much view from here.

I would be very glad to have comments from any Riding Mill residents as whether option A or B is preferred, or if there are any other ideas we might take up. We are planning to do any work in the summer of 2013.

Please use the ‘Contact Us‘ page to pass your comments on to the Parish Council.

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