Parish Council Minutes – October 2012

You can download a copy of these minutes here (PDF file).

Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council

Minutes of the Council meeting of 8th October 2012 held in the Parish Hall at 7.45pm

Present: Cllrs Mills (in the Chair), Reid, Dunhill, and Carew. County Cllr Dale and 4 members of the public were also present

1. Apologies: Cllr Howe

2. Declarations of interest: None

3. Cooption of Councillor: Postponed.

4. Minutes of the meeting of 10th September 2012 were agreed as a true record, subject to item 8, where Cllr Dale had agreed to “contribute” instead of “pay”.

5. Matters arising:

(a) Flashing lights: These are still working well. It was agreed to ask the contractors (i) to clarify when the period of warranty is ended, considering the many problems there have been; and (ii) to ask why the settings at which they react – 34mph – are set at that level, bearing in mind Cllr Reid’s wish for them to work at 30/31mph. The Parish Council still want a pedestrian crossing but the County Council oppose this. It was suggested that if the road be declassified from an ‘A’ road to a ‘B’ road to facilitate the introduction of a crossing. Cllr Dale would enquire as to the pros and cons of such a change. The ease of putting another pole at the east end of the village to move the flashing lights further east would be considered . MA/ADe

b) Trees: Mrs Stephenson and Cllr Dunhill would talk with the tree surgeon about cutting back the trees at Church Close. AD

c) Weir: Quotes would be obtained for bases for the seat replacement at the Weir (and also for a second bench below Bobby’s). Mrs Shepherd would look at the fencing to be removed to see if it is suitable for use by the VHT. Cllr Reid reported on a successful visit to the Weir by the TRT and the Environment Agency. MA to liaise

d) Northumberland Core Strategy Meeting: Cllr Reid would attend as well as the Clerk

e) Broad band meeting: Funding had been secured from DEFRA , which would be matched by the contractors as a result of work by Paul Goldsmith (who attended the latter part of this meeting). Once preliminary ideas as to how the service would be delivered had been considered, then publicity would go out to the village. Cllr Dunhill would act as the Parish Council liaison on this. The Council supported the bid.

f) Long Rigg – no progress to report.

g) The Nick: invitations for tenders had gone out but had not yet been returned. Cllr Dale will pay for the County Council part of the work to be done. It was pointed out the gully at the bottom of the Slaley Road was badly blocked and had been omitted when others nearby had been recently cleaned. Cllr Dale would report that. ADe

6. Handyman report/ Contract: Report given by Mrs Stephenson was accepted. It was agreed to increase the Handyman’s monthly rate of £70 to £75. The Clerk would notify him of the change and amend the contract accordingly. MA

7. Planning:

(a) Considered by Northumberland County Council:

still pending decision:

11/00903/FUL House at land west of Kingmead

(b) considered by the County Council and granted permission:

12/01322/FUL Garage at Silver Birches, Sandy Bank

(c) considered by the Parish Council with no objections:

12/01156/FUL Extension at 51 Station Close

(d) considered by the Parish Council with objections

12/01800/VARYCO Changes at Grovefield, Sandy Bank

8. Finances:

a) the financial statement for September was accepted. The Clerk agreed to check the detail of the General Administration heading for Councillors.

b) the following payments were authorised:

Homevend/25 £70.00

MF Anderton; Salary/September £433.64

MF Anderton; expenses/September £78.00

Transfer back to Reserve account £10,000.00

9. Minor Matters:

a) With respect to the alleged defamation action against the Council, the Council’s insurers. Solicitors would report to the Council shortly;

b) Following a complaint about the ‘Flooding’ sign in the car park next to the Parish Hall, it was agreed to ask the Planning department to remove the condition. MA

c) it was noted the double yellow lines had been partially completed and were now held up by the gas works in the village.

d) Cllr Dale reported that the Victorian lamp posts in Millfield Road had been painted – at her expense for which she was thanked;

e) A suggestion had been made that the bench and seat from the Play Park be moved to the Spinney. This would be investigated.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

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