Weed Control in the Village

Below is a statement issued by Northumberland County Council regarding how they plan to tackle weeds in the village this year:

Weed Control
I am writing to inform you about improvements to the way we tackle weeds in towns and villages in Northumberland.

The county has a well-deserved reputation as a green and pleasant place to live and visit and it is important to do all we can to keep it looking its best. In recent years, most weed spraying treatments on hard landscape areas have been contracted out.
However this year, the County Council is employing ten extra staff members across our Local Area Councils to ensure the in house teams have the capacity to undertake the work themselves.

The County Council is investing £125,000 in this improvement programme which includes adding a harmless blue coloured dye to the treatment so the public can see for themselves where has been treated.  The blue dye being added is completely harmless and will allow the teams to see exactly where they have sprayed, potentially reducing wasted or overuse of spray and ensure that any areas that have been missed will be immediately apparent.  While it is not possible to prevent weed growth altogether, County Council staff know their own areas and can be more responsive to local weather conditions, ensuring improvements to the quality and coverage of the spraying operation.

The public will also be able to see where has been sprayed and as the chemical itself can take up to two weeks to kill the weeds, the addition of the blue dye will remove any uncertainty about whether or not an area has been treated. The equipment used to treat weeds in some road channels means that the blue dye cannot be added but in areas where road meets pavement there will be a white residue left instead of a blue one. The dye itself is water soluble, does not affect the environment and also breaks down in the sun so it will not be visible for more than the 10 to 14 days it takes to kill the weeds.

Support a Northumberland win in the People’s Choice parks award

All parks in Northumberland which hold a Green Flag award are currently in the running to be one of the UK’s top 10 favourite parks.
This is a great chance to show how much our favourite parks means to us.
Green Flag winning parks in Northumberland this year are:  Ridley Park in Blyth; Doctor Pit Park in Bedlington;  Alexandra Park in Cramlington, Hexham Parks; Carlisle Park in Morpeth; Castle Vale and Coronation Parks in Berwick; Plessey Woods Country Park near Bedlington; and Bolam Lake Country Park near Belsay.
Please share this information amongst your parish/town council representatives – so that they can vote for their favourite Green Flag park.
Votes close on 30th September – so there are only a few days to go.
Voting is easy – simply find your favourite park on the map at the following link and click the vote button:
Once you’ve voted, don’t forget to encourage others to get involved too.
The top 10 winning parks will be announced on 11th October

Northumbrian Water – sewer pipe work 20th March

Message from Northumbrian Water:

We want to make you aware of some essential work that is happening in your area.

We are investing £200,000 to re-line and strengthen a sewer pipe close to Farnley Gate on the A695.

The work is scheduled to start on Monday 20 March, subject to some minor test work during the previous week, and will last for up to three weeks. We will, however, be making every effort to reduce that time as much as possible to reduce any disruption.

As part of the work, we will need to shut off the nearby pumping station and use tankers to transport the sewage to our treatment works at Broomhaugh, Riding Mill for the duration of the work. This tanker activity will be limited to week days, between 8am and 5pm, as will two-way traffic lights that will be situated at Farnley.


Residents asked to support local soldiers at Freedom Parade – Saturday 12th November

More than 200 soldiers from The 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery will march through the streets of Hexham in November to receive the Freedom of Northumberland. Residents are being asked to put the date in their diaries now so they can turn up and give the soldiers the very warm welcome they deserve.

The Regiment, which is based at Albermarle Barracks, led by the regimental band, will march through the town on Saturday 12 November to accept the accolade – the county’s highest civic honour. Starting from Wentworth Car Park at 1.30pm the parade will travel along Priestpopple onto Beaumont Street where there will be an inspection and short ceremony.

Councillor Alan Sambrook, Civic Head for Northumberland County Council said:  “This will be a fantastic  event for Hexham and the people of Northumberland. We hope local residents will line the route and give our troops a very warm Northumberland welcome and  show  their  appreciation for all that they do as they receive this great honour.”

Granting the freedom is an ancient honour given to military  organisations, allowing them the privilege to march through the streets  ‘with drums beating, colours  flying, and bayonets fixed.’

The honour dates back to the laws of ancient Rome which made it a capital offence for Roman legions to enter the city in formation or with weapons without permission. The law was in place to ensure that ambitious generals did not mount a military coup.

However military  groups that had given heroic service or whose honour was beyond question, could be granted Freedom of the City: the group would not have to disarm or break ranks before the city gates were opened to them and, given the serious risk the city would be running, this was a rare honour.

Lorraine Hindhaugh

Press Officer

Northumberland County Council

County Hall


NE61 2EF

Please vote to help the Village Hall Trust

The Village Hall Trust has been short-listed for a substantial grant from M & S Energy. This is to go towards the cost of the new heating and lighting systems in the halls.
The award (grant) will go to the North East project which attracts the most number of votes.
Please take a minute to vote.  Click on the link below, register and then when the Riding Mill web-page appears click “Project to win” (a message appears once you have cast your vote and registered correctly letting you know that your vote has been received)
Please tell your family and friends to vote – the Village Hall Trust really needs your help to spread the message. Thank you

Local Police Funding – views wanted by 22nd January

Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner is asking for the views of local residents on the amount of money local households are asked to pay for local policing.

The Government recently announced that Northumbria Police would receive £217.5m BUT the only basis on which the police budget will not be cut, even beyond the cuts imposed over the last three years, is if the police precept part of the local council tax is raised by £5 per year for a Band D property. George Osborne has set the budget expecting the Police & Crime Commissioner for Northumbria to raise the precept by £5.00 for a band D property to raise £2.05m.

Therefore if the police precept is set any less than this it will impact on the cash available for local policing in Northumbria.  In previous years the Government has made grants available to those Police & Crime Commissioners who did not increase their precept – this has been scrapped.

Here in Northumbria a band D property currently pays £1.70 per week in council tax for their police service. A £5.00 increase, as suggested by the government, over the year would mean a band D property owner would pay an extra 10p a week. However,  most residents living in Northumbria have a band A property and currently pay £1.13 per week, so for those living in a band A  property the increase would be an extra 7p a week (£3.64 for the full year).

Northumbria currently has the lowest police precept of all the 43 police forces in England and Wales, the average for a band D property nationwide is £3.36 per week compared to Northumbria’s £1.70 a week.

Vera Baird said “The Chief Constable and I are doing our very best to preserve the high standards of policing that we are used to here and we have looked at all options to save money to protect neighbourhood policing. If the police precept is not increased by £5 per year for a band D property, it will have an impact on the cash available for policing in Northumbria. The Chancellor did not consult on whether our, or anyone else’s, police precept should be increased but has budgeted on the basis that it will be. He is, in effect, saying that we must raise the precept or lose out. I am therefore asking if people would be content to pay a maximum increase of 10p a week on a Band D property to protect our local policing. I want to hear what local residents think is best for Northumbria.”

Local residents can email their views to enquiries@northumbria-pcc.gov.uk  To ensure their views are part of the consultation, residents must include their home address.  All responses should be received by 22nd January 2016.

Revised Train timetable

Due to the land slip between Riding Mill and Corbridge, Northern Rail has issued a revised timetable.  A replacement bus service is running between Hexham and Prudhoe stopping outside the Wellington Hotel.

There are now two trains on a morning from Riding Mill to Newcastle and a return service on an evening – see revised timetable below.  Indications are that Network Rail hope to reopen the line next week (1st week in Feb).

To download the weekday timetable click on the link below:

Corbridge_landslip_SX_v4  (updated timetable 25/01/16)

Weekend timetable:

West Line SO Newcastle-Carlisle (1) (updated timetable 27/01/16)




Otter filmed locally in the village